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 There would be a negative impact on the rural nature of this community. This proposal opens a potential for over development. It would make changes to a seemingly rural residential neighborhood which is inappropriate to existing values. This is exactly what we are trying to avoid. We value our quite peaceful way of life. We want the freedom to continue to enjoy our slice of heaven quietly, in a hammock, under a big blue sky free of pollution.  We want to see the stars and point out the constellations to our children and grandchildren.  It is unimaginable to think of the complete destruction of nature, the intrusion of 104 air conditioners humming away at the peace and quite, the poorly thought out infrastructure and the toll it will take on our surroundings.  It will change Payson forever, and not in a positive way. 


The proposed development would irresponsibly increase the population of Payson by 10%.  Payson lacks the proper infrastructure to support the extra flux of seasonal travelers on weekends, much less a 10% increase of full-time residents.  Unless carefully planned this will have negative repercussions that won’t easily if ever be remedied.  The negative impact to our way of life won’t just be in the surrounding communities, it will extend to every man, woman and child in the Town of Payson.

  • What about water use and sewage processing? 
  • Police and fire protection? 
  • Schools and school busing? 
  • Doctors and medical facilities? 
  • Additional road construction, and traffic controls? Services are already strained. New costs and expansion of services will doubtlessly be passed on to taxpayers.  

The properties are zoned “R1-175”. The proposed R3 Multifamily Residential, is not consistent with the residential character of the surrounding communities. This proposal would drastically increase the population density of the area completely changing the character of the neighborhood. The R1-175 zoning has been in effect for over twenty years and has had a positive effect on the surrounding residents.


This project will irreparably alter the geological features changing or diverting the natural watershed, leading to loss of trees and natural vegetation at the site, and in contiguous and other areas along Tyler Parkway and beyond. Indigenous wildlife habitat will be destroyed and seasonal movement corridors will be eliminated. Causing species displacement and incursion onto roadways and into other neighborhoods.  


Currently Tyler Parkway is already overloaded with traffic, the traffic would be such that it could endanger the lives of many citizens and native animals. Furthermore, with Tyler Parkway now being single lane two directions, it would cause significant increased difficulty at the intersections of Highway 87 and Tyler Parkway, and State Route 260 and Tyler Parkway.  Safety would require the addition of several new traffic lights at the entrances into subdivisions on both sides of Tyler Parkway causing further strain on an already underfunded streets program in Payson.


Please take a moment to sign the petition demanding the VETO of EJD West Development's application for rezoning.  By opposing this rezoning request, it will maintain the overall quality of life that the City of Payson has perpetuated. This 91.6 acres is currently zoned R-175 and is over looked by Alpine Heights as lush forest.   By allowing multi-family housing it will compromise the integrity of the surrounding areas and could potentially reduce the value of surrounding properties.