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Save Payson's Quality of Life!


Payson’s Quality of Life is under threat. A housing development in the Town of Payson threatens to bulldoze some of the last remaining forest within the town limits.  The project is called Payson 90 by its developers and owners the West family, who have been local residents of Payson for 30 years. The land is located at 900, 1100 and 1101 North Tyler Parkway.  It includes both sides of Tyler Parkway on its furthest north boundary and falls between Underwood Lane and Foothills Circle to the south.

The entire 91.6 acres is currently zoned with an R1-175 designation which allows a minimum lot size of 175,000 sqft wita density of .24 dwellings per acre. One home per 4 acres.

The proposed zoning change for 17.93 acres to R3 (a minimum of 6,000 sqft lot with density of up to 24.09 dwellings per acre) is located across Tyler Parkway from the Siena Creek community and is planned as an apartment complex with three-story buildings and 648 asphalt parking spaces.  

The other 73.6 acres would be changed to R1-18 (a minimum lot 18,000 sqft with density up to 5.85 dwellings per acre) allowing the proposed 104 home sites.  This means once rezoned the property could change hands several times and end up with the maximum number of dwellings once the build-out occurs. Which could mean many more homes depending on the Planned Area Development (PAD) plat submitted?

Once gone this beautiful forest full of natural waterways and steep slopes is gone forever. We, as citizens of Payson, need to ask ourselves if enough thought has been given to this matter to allow such destruction of our environment.  No matter where you live, forests make a difference to quality of life for your family, your community, and for all living things.  Getting the word out about this project is very important for all who reside in this quiet mountain town of ours. Click here to find out what this means to you.